What it took to write this first blog post


Hello, hello!

Welcome to our first blog post!

I have been nervous about writing it for a while now because I wasn't quite sure what and how much to share with you. But, here it is!

As a relatively new entrepreneur, I have been struggling with putting myself "out there". It wasn't only about being more visible online via blog posts such as these. Even small things such as deciding to start this business, choosing the details of the products, asking friends and family for support... Each step required me to share a little more of myself with others. And at each step, the fear of criticism, even rejection held me back. Each instance felt like a huge boulder on my path that I either had to climb over or push aside.

Needless to say, many things got delayed while I worked through these moments.

But, little by little, it got better. I learned that those feelings are completely normal. I accepted that starting a brand new business pushed me way past the limits of my comfort zone. Finally, I committed to being "comfortable" out of my comfort zone.



I am now ok with the feelings that come up every time I encounter a new boulder on my path as an entrepreneur. I have learned to recognize these obstacles far sooner. I also have ways of circumventing them much more efficiently than before. The proof? This blog post! 

So, here it is. My first blog post... ever! I can't wait to share more about this wild journey and our products with you.